Ethereum Transactions : Ethereum’s Pending Transactions Jump 30%

Ethereum Transactions

The number of Ethereum network transactions increased by 30%
After the start of UNI token withdrawals, the number of pending transactions on the Ethereum network increased by 30%.

UNICOP’s decentralized trading platform announced today that it has launched its regulatory token called UNI with a balance of one billion tokens.

Ethereum Transactions

Although mining of the surveillance token will not begin tomorrow, Uniswap says old users and old liquidity providers of the platform can now receive 400 UNI tokens per address.

Uniswap said in this regard:

15% of the 150 million UNI tokens can be withdrawn by liquidity providers, users and holders of old SOCKS tokens that have been in effect since September 1.

Ethereum transactions

The number of pending Ethereum transactions has now increased from 160,000 to 210,000, according to the Etherscan blockchain browser.

In the three hours since the withdrawals began, more than 18,000 transactions have been sent to the UNI Smart Monitoring Token contract address, with more than 5,000 waiting. The total number of transactions has now reached more than 26,000, while the number of pending transactions has dropped to 3,700.

It seems that the increase in the number of transactions sent to UNI smart contracts has led to an increase in Ethereum’s fee. It should be noted that the Uni-Swap protocol was also created on the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum platform

According to Etherscan, the average Gass fee on the Ethereum network has now reached 650 Gwei. The figure was 152 Gwei on Wednesday.

In fact, the UNI Token Smart Contract address is currently ranked third in terms of transaction fees over the past 3 hours, with 534 ethers worth more than $ 200,000 being paid for the smart contract fee.

Even visiting the blockchain browser site has reached its peak. Matthew Tan, founder and CEO of Etherscan, said:

The last time you visited the Etrascan site reached this level was during the ICO insanity period in 2017 and 2018. Congratulations to UNIQUAP for the successful release of the UNI token.

Hours after UNI Swap announced the launch of UNI, centralized exchanges such as Bainance, Hubby and OKEx listed the currency pairs traded with the token. The token is currently priced at $ 2.9.