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Where to buy the Xbox Series X mini fridge ? Xbox Series X mini fridge pre-orders. where to buy the $99.99 fridge

Xbox Series X mini fridge pre-orders start today

here’s where to buy the $99.99 fridge

Can’t find an Xbox Series X? Here’s where to buy an Xbox mini frige instead

While it’s still incredibly difficult to nab the elusive Xbox Series X, there’s a chance to buy the next best thing — and we’re not talking about the Xbox Series S. The very real Xbox Series X mini fridge will be available to pre-order today (October 19), with prices starting at $99.99.

The Xbox mini fridge will be available in the US, UK, and Europe, and is expected to drop sometime in December 2021. However, pre-orders for the fridge will go live today, with a retail price of $99.99/£89.99.

Where to buy the Xbox Series X mini fridge

Here’s where you can buy an actual Xbox Series X mini fridge

An internet meme no longer, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is real and went up for pre-order today (October 19). After starting out as a viral online joke, Microsoft announced earlier this year that it will be producing an actual mini-fridge shaped like an Xbox Series X console.

The replica mini fridge was first showcased during the Xbox E3 2021 presentation, and fans of well-chilled beverages will be pleased to know that Microsoft has now further clarified its price and availability. The Xbox Series X mini fridge is scheduled to ship in December 2021, but pre-orders have already kicked off this week.
Considering that tracking down an Xbox Series X restock remains a tough task, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see this mini fridge also sell out almost instantly. So, if you want to be storing soda in an Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge this winter, you’ll need to hope for restocks in the coming weeks as the first wave of orders is currently sold out.

Below you’ll find all the information you need to make your quest to buy an Xbox Series X mini fridge a successful one. We’ll also keep this page updated with restock information as it becomes available. Microsoft has promised this won’t be a “limited product” so there will be multiple waves of stock.

The Xbox Series X mini fridge is a real thing

here’s how to preorder it

Still hunting down an Xbox Series X?

Well, that’s probably not getting easier anytime soon, but you can at least buy a mini fridge that looks just like it. Once a viral internet meme, the $99 Xbox Mini Fridge is now a very real product you can pre-order right now from Target before it arrives in December — just in time for staying caffeinated during long Halo Infinite sessions.

While this isn’t quite the six-foot-tall Xbox fridge that the company debuted last year as a marketing stunt, the Xbox Mini Fridge looks like a fun and potentially practical edition to your game room or home office. This diminutive home appliance quite literally looks just like an Xbox Series X, except that it opens up to store up to 12 beverage cans with a few shelves on the sides for extras and snacks. It even has a front-facing LED light just like the console that inspires it, as well as a USB-A port to keep your phone or Xbox controller juiced up.

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