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Who is Jodie Whittaker? reason for quitting Doctor Who

Who is Jodie Whittaker? Star’s net worth, Hollywood actor husband and reason for quitting Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight – but who is she married to and what is her net worth?

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker is set to appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight to chat about her upcoming final series as the time-travelling Doctor.

Whittaker made history when she became the first-ever female Time Lord in 2017.

Why is Jodie Whittaker leaving Doctor Who?

Jodie Whittaker and Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall are leaving together after reportedly having made a “three series and out pact”.

The pair will leave Doctor Who in 2022, following one final six-part series and three special episodes, with Chibnall explaining: “our shift is done, and we’re handing back the TARDIS keys”.

The third and final special, expected in 2022, will most likely feature the next regeneration, which will see Whittaker’s version of the iconic character morph into the next Doctor.

Russell T. Davies will once again be taking over the reins as showrunner. But as for who Jodie Whittaker’s replacement will be, there are several names in the mix.

Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker already filmed regeneration scene ahead of 14th Doctor announcement

Jodie Whittaker

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker has revealed she’s already filmed the regeneration scene which will introduce the 14th Doctor to the world.

We’re not prepared in the slightest.

It was revealed that Jodie, who’s starred as the 13th Doctor since 2017, and Mandip Gill, who plays Yaz, have filmed their final scenes, which will air next year.

Asked if she has filmed the regeneration scene, Jodie said: ‘They are never going to tell me who it is.

Doctor Who’s Trailer Promises a Dramatic End to Jodie Whittaker’s Final Run

The six-episode 13th season of the long-running BBC series, titled Doctor Who: Flux, arrives October 31.,f_auto,g_center,pg_1,q_60,w_1600/195d96ee49e3c27952ea9647f46f71ca.jpg

The end is in sight for Jodie Whittaker’s groundbreaking run as the title star of the Doctor Who—but it’s not time to bid farewell just yet. We’ve got quite a fight to get through first!

After all, there’s an entire (admittedly rather short) season of TV yet to arrive, along with three more special episodes as she passes the torch to… whoever’s next in the role. But let’s not worry about that torch-passing just yet, because the trailer for her final, six-episode (thanks, covid) season, titled Doctor Who: Flux, has just landed.

Jodie Whittaker is an English actress.

She came to prominence in her 2006 feature film debut Venus, for which she received British Independent Film Award and Satellite Award nominations. She was later praised for her roles in the cult science fiction film Attack the Block (2011), the Black Mirror episode “The Entire History of You” (2011), and as grieving mother Beth Latimer in Broadchurch.

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